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Murrieta/Widomar Chamber of Commerce Members, Local Authors Launch #1 US Best Seller Book

Several international and local authors from Murrieta, Temecula, Hemet, Lake Elsinore and Menifee, came together during the pandemic lockdown determined to create a legacy to inspire future generations.

They wrote a #1 US Best Seller titled, It's All About Showing Up & The Power Is In The Asking. Some of these local authors, Robbie Motter, CEO & Founder of Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs in Menifee; Virginia Earl, founder of Seven Mystic Rings, and Translations Unlimited South America in Murrieta; Reanna Ritter, founder of Ritter Accounting & Consulting in Temecula; and Raven Hilden CEO & Founder of MilVet in Temecula are members of the Murrieta/Wildomar Chamber of Commerce.  

Launched last week, this anthology is about how their lives were transformed when they "showed up" and how the power of "asking" created new and unimaginable opportunities for them. Each chapter includes unique and empowering stories with amazing "takeaways" that will inspire future generations.

Please join me in congratulating all the contributing coauthors, especially Robbie Motter for being the inspiration behind this new milestone empowering women worldwide.
The contributing authors in alphabetical order are. Mirjana Anastasijevic, Kimberly Anderson, Angeline Benjamin, Barbara Berg, Kelly Breaux, Angela Covany, Caprice Crebar, Marcy Decato, Darla Delayne, Virginia Earl, Sandie Fuenty, Raven Hilden, Nanciann Horvath, Lauryn Hunter, Deborah Irish, Rosalyn Kahn, Aggie Kobrin, Wendy Laduke, Gillian Larson, Florence LaRue, Dr. Cherilyn Lee, Jeannette Lehoullier, Diana Londyn, Sue Lopez, Debbie Love, Marlena Martin, LuAn Mitchell, Pamela Moffat, Mercedita Noland, Katherine Orho, Kisa Puckett, Lori Raupe, Reanna Ritter, Dr. Iris Rosenfeld, Shelly Rufin, Dawn Schultz, Rhonda Sher, Kelly Smith, Maryann Ridini Spencer, Dr. Sharron Stroud, Deborah Thorne, Angel Toussaint, Joan Wakeland, Violet Williams, Dorothy Wolons.
To purchase your signed copy, contact Virginia Earl at (951) 551-4566.


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