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Californians Against the Costly Disruption of Our Health Care

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Chambers of Commerce,
We are pleased to share with you about a new, diverse coalition that we have helped create that is preparing to oppose Single-Payer in whatever form it takes next year.  Please take a moment to read the below and join with us in this new endeavor. 
Special interests in Sacramento are pushing a proposal to force all Californians into a state-run government health care system, known as “single payer." We saw this proposal get introduced in the State Legislature last year, as Senate Bill 562, which the California Chamber of Commerce opposed. SB 562 would have created a massive new spending program which, according to the Senate Appropriations Committee analysis, would require tax increases of $100 billion to $200 billion per year – to be paid almost entirely by businesses and employers. 
Please Join Us
To be prepared to oppose this proposal when it is re-introduced early next year, CalChamber has joined a new coalition with the California Hospital Association, California Medical Association, and others including physicians, nurses, health plans, and small businesses. We ask you to consider joining this coalition with us. There is no financial commitment to joining but your local voice is an important addition to the effort. 
Californians Against the Costly Disruption of Our Health Care
You can read more about our coalition, Californians Against the Costly Disruption of Our Health Care, at our website: https://protectcahealthcare.org and join online.
Get Involved
For questions, or to join the coalition, please contact Peter Warda: Peter@elevatepublicaffairs.com
Thank you for your consideration.

Allan Zaremberg
Peter Warda


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