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Spring into Easter Celebrates Twenty Years

Media contact: Dr. Mona Davies Community Outreach Ministry 951-698-7650
Photos: Courtesy of Community Outreach Ministry March 12, 2021
Spring into Easter Celebrates Twenty Years
“Giving at-risk kids a Second Chance to be winners and Champions”
For 20 years, the Community Outreach Ministry (COM) has helped thousands of children impacted by one or both parents who are incarcerated. Cofounders Dr. Mona and Bob Davies created the 501 C 3 nonprofit organization in 2000 and offer year-round programs and services to at-risk children in Riverside County. From “Breaking the Cycle of Incarceration” for parents and caregivers to “Gearing Up For STEM” Mentor Protégé Workshops to camping adventures, holiday parties for children and referrals to comprehensive community service providers for families. The Davies have served as volunteers to meet the needs of countless youth “giving at-risk kids a second chance to be winners and champions.”

With support from COM board members Yolanda Burgess, Norma Brunette, Denise Ronzello, and Marilyn Brown, the Davies have served as advocates for children; a voice for the voiceless children left behind by incarcerated parents. The cofounders believe that, to be most effective, children must be reached at an early age. They also believe that strategic intervention/prevention/outreach is necessary. To achieve this goal, they strive to mentor children through a host of activities that they would enjoy such as camping trips and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics workshops. Many of the children who have participated in the nonprofit group’s programs and events have become first generation high school and college graduates, and, perhaps most importantly, skilled with a second chance to be successful in solving real world problems in education and vocation technology.
The Davies have been recognized for their service to Riverside County youth for their “Gearing Up For STEM” Mentor Protégé Workshops developing mentees ages 8-18 in teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving skills needed for any career pathway students may choose to explore. COM is grateful for Give Something Back (giveback) who has chosen us to partner with their organization to recommend homeless, foster care, and children impacted by parental incarceration facing economic hardships to access mentors and four year college scholarships for students in eighth or ninth grade with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Community Outreach Ministry welcomes sponsors to donate online at or text this message to: DONATE CHAMPIONS to this number: 609-212-0627. Donations will be used to purchase science kits to assemble robots at our Easter Celebration workshops on Saturday, April 3 at 11:00 am 1:30 pm. The event will be hosted by Wellness and More (Herbalife Distributor), 25377 Madison Avenue Suite #104, Murrieta across the street from Walmart behind Denny’s. Thank you to our partners for empowering youth to build brighter futures and safer neighborhoods: The Neal Brother Singers, Yolande Hill Art of Photography, Arts and Crafts by Coach Cynthia Duran of Sewing Stories, and Janice Hare of Mt.

View Church of Wildomar for sending invitations to the families. For details call 951-698-7650 or e-mail

Aspire Community Day School (ACDS) with Opal Hellweg 3rd District Legislative Assistant during Presentation of Certificates of Recognition to Community Outreach Ministry Mentors and ACDS Protégés at “Gearing Up for STEM” Workshops


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